Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life without a car

Inconvenient or genius? The day to day getting around isn’t so bad, and I never mind sitting in rush hour traffic, but the weekend shopping excursions to Ikea can be painful. I’ve been forced to buy a “granny” bag on wheels and although it is quite embarrassing to drag that thing around, running over people’s feet and hoping you don't knock anything off the shelves, it is really the only reasonable option for getting extensive purchases home.
On the positive side, purchasing is limited to what you can carry home so the wasteful shopping I was doing before –buying bulk to stay well stocked, but then never eating or using half of it – is over.
I visit my local Albert Heijn grocery store 2-3 times per week for dinner food and the Etos for toiletries only when I have run out of something. It’s an adjustment from my American lifestyle of grocery & Target shopping every weekend, but I am enjoying the buying for necessity concept… and certainly having the weekends open to relax or get out and site see!

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