Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lake Balaton – the Hungarian Sea

Hungary doesn’t have a coast line, but is sure does have a beautiful sea! Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Europe outside of Scandinavia, which provides Hungarians with a very relaxing summer vacation spot and plenty of restaurants where they can enjoy their tasty summer favorites like cold strawberry soup.
We didn’t have much time for leisure though, as we were there to meet with our E. European partners who were hosting us for a recap/planning session. In between the work stuff we did find time to explore the small town of Balatonfured and the lakeside promenade and beaches. And on our last evening of the 2-day trip, we went to the most charming Tolgyfa Csarda winery for dinner and got a great sampling of the relatively unknown but truly fantastic Hungarian wines.
On the drive back we enjoyed the scenery of the countryside full of beautiful sunflower fields, the oil of which the Hungarians use in their cooking in lieu of olive trees. It's the fun facts that interest me most.....

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