Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to the USA

First order of business --- diet coke! Surprisingly, it didn’t really feel all that strange to be back although I was very happy with the ease of communication.
The best part, besides being able to see my family, was hearing all about how much expansion our company is doing and knowing that I’m a part of it now. Our VPs put together a really nice video of our work with a photo collage that really made me realize just how eventful my time over here has been so far! And, of course, having our full team together was also very cool (in the team photo, from left is me, Charles, Jim Campbell, Gerry the boss, Rixt, Maria, Tom, Jim Moseley, and Steven).
The rest of the week was extremely busy with meetings, social functions, and a team building course that was a lot of fun. I once again challenged my fear of heights with an elevated contraption, which required careful balance and a very unflattering harness.
There wasn’t much rest for the weary this week, but the time I managed with my parents and Gram on the weekend was extremely nice and much needed! It was tough leaving them, but the show must go on. Now, it’s back to work in E. Europe ……

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