Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kosice, Slovakia

My first impression of Kosice was not very positive; the movie The Shining comes to mind when I think of how eerily quiet my hotel was both inside and out. I was immediately depressed thinking of spending the next three nights there, but
I willed myself to get a good nights sleep and give the place another shot in the morning. Things got off to a better start when I learned that I was actually just a short walk away from the centre and continued to improve when I actually started seeing how cute, quaint, and charming the city is. Although Kosice (pronounced Ko- Sheet- Say) is the second biggest city in Slovakia, the lack of major roadways, the gothic architecture, and general coziness of shops & restaurants – many in hidden alleyways and below street level in almost cave-like atmospheres – very much provided a village-type feel. I was especially excited to find a very festive Christmas market on the pedestrian road behind the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth (which might just be the first cathedral I've found named after a female saint!).
This Christmas Market had some local crafts, but was heavily focused on grilled meats, mulled-wine, and sweets. I was very tempted to try it all, especially the glu-wyn, but as I was on the clock I had to content myself with some puff-dough balls with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce instead.

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