Friday, March 14, 2008

First day at the office

This morning brought a reunion with my good friend Steven at Centraal station…was really good to see him and to know we would be working together once again. We ran into my boss, Gerry, and his boss, Rob, who was visiting from the states, and all hopped the 9:30 to Schiphol airport and 20 minutes later were greeting my other new colleagues at the office. Charles, our European PR Manager, was very helpful in showing me around – we got coffee at the world’s worst & slowest Starbuck’s and breakfast at a grocery store in the airport. I didn’t have much work to do, so I spent the morning chatting with the guys (have I mentioned that I’m the ONLY female in my new office) and hearing about the different stuff they have been doing. After another nice lunch at Ginger’s, it was time for my big meeting with Gerry to discuss what markets I would be handling. On the list so far, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, possibly Belgium, and….drum roll please…..DUBAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already this transfer is exceeding all of my wildest dreams and allowing me to explore parts of the world I have not yet been.
We wrapped up the day around 6 and headed back to the city where everyone went their respective ways. One colleague, Jim M, lives close to my hotel so he showed me the tram system to get back from the station. After a little rest we all met up for dinner at Margarita’s Mexican cafĂ©. The enchiladas aren’t quite the same as home, but the guacamole was pretty close. Only a few of us went out for a night cap afterwards, but since the Irish pub closed at 12 – surprising for a Thursday night – we trekked to an American sports bar in Leidseplein…I can rest easy now that I won’t be missing the Super Bowl next year!

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