Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty’s Day

My first weekend in the Dam was, well, sort of uneventful. On Saturday I checked out the neighborhoods of the rentals I will see Wednesday. The first location, 57 Keizersgracht, was love at first site -- quiet, safe, close to loads of shops, Centraal station, and just blocks from Steven’s & a few other coworkers homes. I can’t wait to see this place and find out if it is anywhere near as nice on the inside as it is on the outside!
Since I was so close, I stopped by Steven’s to share my excitement and see the weekend market that takes place on his street. They had everything! Produce, cheese, clothes, jewelry, BIKES! How cool it would be to live by this....
After a brief visit at Steven’s, we walked to O’Reilly’s Irish pub to watch the England vs. Ireland rugby with some of his friends that I met at Thanksgiving. It was really great seeing some familiar faces and knowing there is really good network of Expats living here.
Sunday I was slightly "under the weather" so I spent the day watching the “Hogan Knows Best” - English, but with Dutch subtitles – marathon on MTV and nursing myself back to health.
Monday was back to the office, but it was a short day since my boss had to get home and prepare for the St. Patrick's Day dinner party he was hosting. My coworker, Jim M. and I met Tom – Heather’s husband (she’s out of town for work in Italy) - at his AMAZING loft for Irish stew and Guinness. There were eight of us, my boss Gerry, his Dutch wife who was just lovely, three of their friends – one Dutch, one English, and one Irish, and the three American coworkers. It was a night of delicious food, great conversation, and some good laughs….a wonderful, multi-cultural, way to spend my first holiday in Amsterdam.

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